Pet-UTI tonic for cat bladder problems

Cat Urinary Tract Infection

Feline urinary tract infection (I’ll refer to as Pet UTI) never used to be a top contender for veterinary treatments. However, in the last 2 decades it has become a leading problem for our precious pets. Commercial pet foods, toxins in the environment, hygiene, irregular feeding patterns, allergies and stress [...]

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Calming Remedy to Reduce Stress in Cats

Calming Remedies

Animals are highly tuned to the emotional well being of their family members. If we are anxious, concerned or fearful our pets will sense this may act out. The animal will look for comfort and reassurance and if it isn’t forthcoming the animal may behave inappropriately. A stressed pet may [...]

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Better Bladder Control tonic for treating incontinence in cats

Better Bladder Control

As our precious dog and cat pets’ age they can begin to experience bladder leakage or incontinence. This can occur in younger animals but it is rare, the condition is almost always found in middle to senior aged pets and primarily because as your pet ages the muscles in the [...]

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Kidney Support tonic for kidney problems in cats

Kidney Support

Kidney Support is a breakthrough product that supports cat and dog kidney health. In cats and dogs as in humans, healthy kidney function is paramount to overall good health. Kidneys which have to work too hard or which aren’t supported by healthy diets and lifestyles can cause a plethora of [...]

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Immunity and Liver support a natural remedy to support healthy liver function in cats and dogs

Immunity and Liver Support

Our immune systems, whether for a human or animal, are what protect us from harm. Potential harm in the form of environmental toxins, bacteria and disease are ever present and if our immune systems are weak we are vulnerable to assault from any or all of these. This sounds ominous [...]

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